The adidas Yeezy 500 High “Slate” is the first release of the high-top version of Kanye West’s popular chunky lifestyle design. Several key components of the original low-top Yeezy 500 have been altered on the high-top silhouette, including the addition of a puffy neoprene base that replaces the previously used mesh. Dark slate grey suede overlays cover the entire upper with the material appearing more prominently on the toe, mudguard, and heel. High-end leather overlays can be found on the toe and ankle collar with tonal rope laces sitting on top of the neoprene tongue. The Feet You Wear sole unit is borrowed from Kobe Bryant’s third adidas signature shoe, and this high-top alteration makes the Yeezy 500 model appear even more like a basketball shoe. The adidas Yeezy 500 High “Slate” released on December 14, 2019.

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MEN US 4 / UK 3.5, MEN US 4.5 / UK 4, MEN US 5 / UK 4.5, MEN US 5.5 / UK 5, MEN US 6 / UK 5.5, MEN US 6.5 / UK 6, MEN US 7 / UK 6.5, MEN US 7.5 / UK 7, MEN US 8 / UK 7.5, MEN US 8.5 / UK 8, MEN US 9 / UK 8.5, MEN US 9.5 / UK 9, MEN US 10 / UK 9.5, MEN US 10.5 / UK 10, MEN US 11 / UK 10.5, MEN US 11.5 / UK 11, MEN US 12 / UK 11.5, MEN US 12.5 / UK 12, MEN US 13 / UK 12.5, WOMEN US 5 / UK 3.5, WOMEN US 5.5 / UK 4, WOMEN US 6 / UK 4.5, WOMEN US 6.5 / UK 5, WOMEN US 7 / UK 5.5, WOMEN US 7.5 / UK 6, WOMEN US 8 / UK 6.5, WOMEN US 8.5 / UK 7, WOMEN US 9 / UK 7.5, WOMEN US 9.5 / UK 8, WOMEN US 10 / UK 8.5, WOMEN US 10.5 / UK 9, WOMEN US 11 / UK 9.5, WOMEN US 11.5 / UK 10, WOMEN US 12 / UK 10.5, WOMEN US 12.5 / UK 11, WOMEN US 13 / UK 11.5, WOMEN US 13.5 / UK 12, WOMEN US 14 / UK 12.5

9 reviews for Adidas Yeezy 500 Shoes High “Slate” – FW4968

  1. Lisa Edwards

    Very good products! Particularly I use to buy at Adidas, some shoes and clothes, like t-shirts and jeans pants. In my opinion this is one of the best brands for that. The price is affordable in comparison with other fancy brands

  2. Jenna Fairchild

    I love these shoes probably one of my favorite ones to wear they feel great and are a light weight sneaker

  3. H Nyberg

    Son unas zapatillas muy cmodas, que cumplen lo que prometen, se adaptan bien al tipo de suelo y me han servido para hacer mis caminatas diarias. Adidas sin duda es un buena marca, y de excelente calidad.?

  4. Ari Pasquarosa

    Beautiful and elegant shoes you can wear it with all kinds of clothes to give it a very special elegance. It is also comfortable to walk and you can also play sports, even though it is designed very carefully and carefully. I loved him so mach

  5. Kyani Southward

    This shoe is very supportive on my feet and very comfortable. They were expensive but worth it. I love the style and color, very popular. I recommend to others.

  6. Julie Xiong

    Super super comfy and great for walking and running. Lovely colour and fit too! Definitely worth the money

  7. Jamie Gilbert

    Super comfortable to wear, foot literally feels like I am stepping in foam with ever step. I would definitely recommend these shoes to everyone. Theyare good for everyday wear and also perfect for the gym!

  8. Victor Diaz

    One of the most comfortable shoes in the game. As a sneakerhead these are one of my favorites. They are extremely expensive depending on the color and style you want but i would recommend them.Sharon White

  9. Phipps

    This is really good. The materials and workmanship are very exquisite. The workmanship is really excellent. I think I can recommend it to my friends.

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